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Community Classes, Clubs & Facilitation

Be creative, build new skills, and enjoy learning in a relaxed group or team environment. As a trained workshop facilitator and public speaker, I specialize in events and workshops on youth engagement, mindfulness in creative writing, college applications and personal statements, DIY Papermaking, and event preparation and management. 

I will lead a workshop customized for your book club, learning circle, corporate retreat, convention, or in-house team-building days. Workshops or group classes range from 1-4 hours depending on your needs and can be done both in-person or virtually.

Upcoming Workshops

There are no upcoming events.


Sheila is an inspiring and devoted teacher. Deeply knowledgeable about the writing process, she honors each writers’ stories, which brings out the best in her students.


Poetry and Meditation Workshop Participant

Sheila is a strong teacher and facilitator. She can create educational spaces that are comfortable for her students. She has been able to create space for people to learn about poetry, and to be able to create and share their own poetry. Plus, those same students, in that same learning space, feel comfortable meditation with each other. To be able to create this type of space is a great achievement.

Richard Smart

Los Angeles Regional Park Superintendent

Sheila’s warmth and care was like a big warm blanket that enveloped us into a truly accessible, joyful time-space. It felt like I was being offered something sacred and special every single time we gathered.


Poetry and Meditation Workshop Participant

The students enjoyed working with Sheila and her presence led to increased student engagement throughout the process.

Anaheim Unified Public School Teacher

Sheila McMullin created an online, island of creativity in a pandemic, where diverse students could read, write and share poetry as they experienced community.


Author, I Thought We’d Have Forever

Institutional Partnerships Include:

Obama Foundation, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Los Angeles Public Library, Riverside San Bernardino County Indian Health, University of California Riverside, USC Unruh Institute of Politics, Cal State University Dominguez Hills, Arizona State University


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