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Herbal Consultations for Writers

It was through mediation—specifically plant spirit medicine rituals—that I un-learned, re-learned, and settled into the tools of speaking lovingly to my creativity. Ritual gave me back my writing practice, after a period of time when I thought there was no way I’d ever write again. And ritual has helped me reconnect with the natural world, an infinite source of inspiration. Much like the page, partnering with herbal allies helps me address feelings of disconnection. Herbal Consultations for Writers are designed to help us find a new entryway into creative and generative space, and to tie together the values of the creative mind with the creative body.

What to expect

Before our session, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire to help me understand your creative values. During our session we’ll talk about your work, uncover sticking points, and discover herbal entryways to support your writing process. We’ll discuss ways that these partners can help you navigate, center, and self-soothe so that you can more fully use your voice.

After our session, you will receive a follow up email with more information about herbs, rituals, and writing prompts to support your continued education. Herbal partnership could take form as teas, herbal soaks and oils, plant tending, and more. Sessions can include reviewing your work to explore herbal companionship for particular themes, literary issues, and focus to deepen your practice and nurture your relationship with your own creative process and the natural world.

What Kind of Writer Would Benefit from an Herbal Consultation

Herbal consultations are particularly useful for creatives experiencing writer’s block and feelings of hesitancy or doubt. Herbal alliship can be supportive and nourishing for creatives writing through trauma, grief, and hard-to-name topics. Herbal education is also a fun and exciting opportunity to develop characters and point of view, investigate emotional dynamics, and learn more about place-based ecosystems. 


Sheila’s herbal consultations are affirming, adaptive, pleasurable, nurturing, and transformational. Sheila has introduced me to herbal allies who are now integral parts of my artistic practices and daily wellness. Sheila’s wisdom, tender care, openness, and passion for plant magick has helped me heal my relationships to my body, mind, heart, and spirit and cultivate abundant and holistic relationships with plant medicine.


Performance Artist

Sheila’s warmth and care was like a big warm blanket that enveloped us into a truly accessible, joyful time-space. It felt like I was being offered something sacred and special every single time we gathered.


Poetry and Meditation Workshop Participant


50 minute video/phone calls + personalized continuing education handouts and writing exercises | $135

Get in touch to schedule your first session!


Please be advised that Sheila does not give medical advice. Herbal Consultations for Writers is designed to educate writers on the benefits of herbalism as it relates to the writing process. Although herbs have long been used to treat medical conditions, the information you receive through The Write Magick is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional medical advice from your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding your health.


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