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Writing Coach

Varying from weekly to monthly video/phone calls to discuss ongoing projects in any stage of development, Writing Coaching supports your craft through custom attention and accountability. For creatives and big thinkers seeking individualized, private, and long-term support on a project or to further develop writing skills, Writing Coaching can be the solution ultimately saving you time and creating a more enjoyable process in reaching your goals with a higher quality end product.

For creatives and professionals looking for short-term support on projects, marketing efforts, and artistic planning visit “Content Creation & Copyediting” for more information.

For writers needing editing services on their manuscripts visit “Manuscript Development.”

What to expect

A bespoke collaboration: We work in partnership to identify, map, and achieve your creative goals. From outlining the concept of your first book to amplifying your voice and message to a broader audience, from transforming a beloved poem into a dance routine to alchemizing your great grandparents’ recently found love letters into a play or podcast, I hold every bit of the journey with you, to encourage, challenge, deepen, and celebrate the process as a sacred unfolding of your story in the world.

I will be understanding and non-judgemental of all the first draft ideas, false starts, innate wisdom, and the wild and crucial epiphanies you bring to the table. We will lean into it, we will divert from it, we will circle back. I will call shenanigans when needed, but I will not let you erase anything just because you think it is irrelevant. I will treasure every word as an entryway into the heart of your story. Your creative journey will be different from others, and I will be here along the way.


Every meeting had something special to offer, but most memorable is Sheila’s expertise and supportive energy throughout the process.


Holistic Wellness Business Owner

Sheila McMullin, my editor/writing coach, has helped me to bring my far-flung poem babies home and organize them into a real book worthy of presenting to publishers, patiently teaching me the technology along the way.



Sheila is an inspiring and devoted teacher. Deeply knowledgeable about the writing process, she honors each writers’ stories, which brings out the best in her students.


Poetry and Meditation Workshop Participant

Writing Coaching Includes

As the needs of each writer will be different, we tailor our coaching sessions specifically to your goals and developing aspirations. Generally, sessions last between 30-75 minutes through online video conferencing, meeting weekly to monthly. At the end of the session, writers are provided “home practice” opportunities to continue their progress and deepen their knowledge of the craft.

Who Have You Worked With in the Past?

I have worked with first-time book writers, youth writers, retirees, veterans, beginner users of technology, academics, multidisciplinary artists, non-native English speakers, and freelancers.


Packages of minimum 4 hours at $85/hr. 

Get in touch to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call to see if we’d be a good match.


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