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Introducing The Write Magick

A year ago, I facilitated a poetry and meditation workshop through the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department and wrote with some pretty amazing people. It made me want more of that—writing and sharing in a community founded on softening. I wanted to learn from people who want to contribute something meaningful, honor those they’ve lost, and speak to the heartbreak we’ve all experienced in myriad ways.

I began working to figure out how I could create more of that. One sleepless night after my beautiful balcony garden was surprise demolished by my landlord, and with no repair date in sight, I sat in my living room surrounded by a 4 ft tall geranium plant, a 7 ft tall candlebra tree, two different potted calendula, a vining tomato strung up into the blinds of the window, all the most aromatic kitchen herbs, aloe bursting out of its container, and nine boxes of books (because of course we were gonna move), and it made a kind of poetry.

In this moment of reorganization, I understood what I have always kept close: pages and plants. They have created a lot of magick in my life. And I understood this was the path ahead of me.

So, I humbly introduce The Write Magick, my new website built with all the intentions and heart of MoonSpit Poetry, masterfully developed by Josh McCall, and the home for my offerings as a place of softening into storytelling. The Write Magick is my way of telling you that your intuition is a magnetic force and your creativity, however you express it, is magick. And it’s my way of doing more of what I love to do in the world. Thank you for being at this initiation moment and for your support that led me here in the first place.

The Write Magick provides writing coaching services, workshops, events, and a shop, which will very shortly include herbal writing ritual kits handcrafted by yours truly.

To celebrate I’m offering several upcoming opportunities to write and create together. Click on the images below to learn more!

I hope to write something magickal with you soon!

Celebrate National Poetry Month with fun and inspiring writing prompts sent directly to your inbox.

Each Monday morning in April you’ll receive an email with several writing suggestions to spark your curiosity and get you scribing all month long. Then send your poems and insights to The Write Magick to be featured on our blog.

RSVP to get your name on the list and write something magickal with The Write Magick!

Your first writing prompts email will arrive Monday, April 4th.
While staving off screen fatigue, many of us are now battling social fatigue as we relearn to fill our calendars with in-person social events on top of our regular obligations. It can be tricky knowing when to say “yes” after so long of having to say “no.” So, if you are wanting to treat yourself to a fun and engaging learning experience that also incorporates thoughtful and relaxing alone time, S.A.S.E. might just be the ticket.

S.A.S.E (Screens Are Social Experiments) is a 5-week, all levels, writing workshop beginning in May delivered to you by the post office. During this self-paced workshop you will receive a weekly packet to your physical mailbox containing a writing lesson, writing prompts, an original unpublished poem written by me, a surprise Cracker Jack-style gift, and a self-addressed stamped envelope to send any writing and thoughts back to me. We’ll cover themes from the figurative to literal and explore various poetic forms.
Even more than reading your work, I love receiving mail, but this portion of the workshop is entirely optional! Corresponding with me or not corresponding, it’s all good. You do you and write something magickal!

Workshop is $45 and you can register here.

Workshop packets are mailed each Monday in May.
Celebrating Irish literature, featuring live readings and a series of poetry films.

Tickets are available here. Starting at $5.00

On 14th April as part of CIACLA’s Spring Showcase, The Time Before Now will present Irish & Irish-American writers whose work deals with memory and the past. Writers will present new and innovative work that challenges, expands, and offers ways to reconsider our own understanding of memory.
Featuring live readings by Sheila McMullin, Dean Robertson, Marc-Ivan O’Gorman, Sarah Nevin and Jenny Minniti Shippey and poetry films by Felispeaks, Dagogo Hart, Kayssie K, Erin Schalk, Stephen Sexton and Dawn Watson.

Guests of this event will receive a free sample of Irish writing.

Location: Laemmle Monica Film Center, 1332 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

This event is presented by Calypso Editions, Poetry Ireland, MART Gallery & Studios, CIACLA – Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles and kindly supported by the Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Program and Culture Ireland.

Tickets are available here.

Running as part of CIACLA’s Spring Showcase – Find Out More Here.
This hands-on papermaking workshop introduces crafters to the DIY world of papermaking without the expensive and inaccessible facilities that prohibit crafters from the process. Using locally scavenged materials, recycled papers, herbs, and seeds, crafters will make their own paper to take home and be used for writing, drawing, painting, letterpress, or as greeting cards and wedding invitations. In a collaborative makerspace, Sheila will lead crafters through the papermaking process and offer techniques and strategies for DIY papermaking at home. The emphasis will be on creative problem solving and use of reusable materials to reduce landfill waste.

RSVP here and be the first to receive details for this workshop in June!

Location: The Consulate General of Ireland in Los Angeles


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