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Handmade Prayer Paper

My journey toward deeper self-actualization has been an exploration of composting, transforming story into medicine to release what no longer serves. My plant spirit medicine practice has guided me in understanding my relationship to hyperproductivity as a determinant of self-worth.

Through the slowing of my actions to become master of my nervous system has meant a returning to simples, a mindfulness around breathing, and rebuilding the containers of my root chakra.

Casting witch’s alchemy, this handmade paper is fodder for compost. Made from used paper from work events and meetings containing the marc from herbal infusions I’ve drank each day, each piece was individually pulled as an offering for your own release and re-membering. Aside from the water, every bit of the paper is recycled.

This prayer paper was created in sacred space, pulped in water charged with crystals representing the 7 directions and calendula flower essence intended to be used in ritual.


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