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2014 Spring Issue of ROAR Magazine: A Journal of the Literary Arts by Women Now Available!



I am proud to announce the release of ROAR‘s newest issue now available for purchase! Particularly exciting for me, this issue marks my second major contribution to ROAR– the first being in 2013 when they published my poem “Like Water” and the second being my inclusion in the masthead as a ROAR Poetry Editor. In addition I help manage the website and blog.

With an exciting mix of style of artist intention, this issue showcases a broad range of women’s voices. Included among the literary contributions is an interview I conducted with Diane Raptosh, which will be posted here in full in the upcoming days. Visit and @RoarLiteraryJ for previews of the literary works!

Contributors are:

Andrea England when the shaman tells me to visualize letting go
Emily Shearer what to do with ignorance
Erin Elizabeth Smith divorce II
Laura Grothaus A is for
Faith Holsaert premonition
Elizabeth Fogle the archeologist collects another mask
Sarah Marcus decision
Jamie Wendt new year 5774
Susanna Lang vigil
Krysten Hill city girls teach themselves to fly
Akaiser re-arranging furniture
Sarah Marcus body of
Megeen Mulholland Moonman
Sarah Marcus country song in reverse
Caitlin Cowan southern living
Sarah Marcus on your birthday
Krysten Hill Angie
Laura Grothaus Rebecca
Jamie Wendt postcards from petra
Susanna Lang after you get up early on memorial day
Elizabeth Fogle winter thaw

Kirsten Clodfelter the slow unraveling of Sadie Clark
Anna McCormally a thousand years ago (September)
Marri Champié cat’s garden

Ruth Gila Berger first year holidays
Alison Murphy the fighter

With special thanks to Angela Bolling for Scream (2) as the cover art.



ROAR Magazine: A Journal of the Literary Arts by Women is a print literary journal that exists to provide a space to showcase women’s fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We are committed to publishing literature by emerging and developing writers and we aim to support the equality of women in the creative arts.
ROAR accepts work that represents a wide spectrum of form, language and meaning. In other words, don’t worry if your work isn’t specific to feminist issues. If you’re a gal, we just want your point of view.

Managing/Founding Editor: Lisa Duffy
Senior Fiction Editor: Blair Fross
Senior Poetry Editor: Lisa Bower
Poetry/Blog Editor: Sheila McMullin
Design/Production: Jera Publishing



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